3 Questions To Ask Before Buying A New Forklift


Trying to find a new forklift to complete daily tasks in the warehouse? Before you go out and invest in one, ask a few questions to get a feel for what the forklift can offer. The objective is to find something with enough space that offers useful safety features to keep everyone protected. Does It Have a Large Weight Capacity? If you plan on getting a new forklift, you need to check its weight capacity.

20 October 2020

A Closer Look At Concrete Buckets, Hoppers, And Other Delivery Systems


When delivering mixed concrete to a client site, you may rely on crude tools to get the mix from the truck to the project site. However, the world of concrete buckets, hoppers, and other delivery systems is a vast one, so there are many pieces of equipment you can use to get the job done in a faster or more efficient fashion. Take a look at just a few of the concrete delivery system components you can pick up as a business owner to use in your concrete projects.

27 April 2020

3 Tips For Using Your Skid Steer For Moving Hay Bales


If you grow and bale hay or if you buy a lot of hay for your horses, cows, or other livestock, you probably have to move hay bales around from time to time. After all, you might need to move them to your hay storage shelter, or you may need to transport them to your pastures or horse barns. When moving hay around, you need the right equipment for the job; after all, hay bales can be very heavy and difficult to work with.

17 November 2019

How To Construct Your Own Thunderdome And Related Vehicles


The Mad Max movies have certainly inspired a lot of people with the creation of personal "tank" vehicles and Thunderdome-like arenas. If you are one of these people who would really like to build your own "Thunderdome," and maybe a few monster trucks modeled after the ones in the movies, you can actually do that. Here is how. Find Steel Plate Sales  You will need A LOT of steel plates! The best way to get enough steel plates is to look for steel plate sales.

25 September 2018

Scaffolding: What To Know


In your construction work, you might be working with lumber, steel, bricks, and other materials that you have to use for higher floors on buildings. Scaffolding systems permit you to work with those items easily. You can work on buildings with several floors if you have the right scaffolding system. Also, if you and employees can work well off the ground on scaffolds, you can begin to bid on and work on bigger construction projects.

18 June 2018

4 Things You Need To Know About Testing Industrial Transformers


If your business has industrial transformers on site, you need to make sure that you understand how to take proper care of your industrial transformers. The best way to take care of industrial transformers is via testing. All Is Not Calm The first thing that you need to understand about industrial transformers is that from the outside, they generally look okay. If you just do a short visual inspection of your transformers, you are not going to get a lot of actual information about your transforms.

9 February 2018

Inspecting a Used Forklift Before Buying


If you're trying to keep the capital expenditures for your construction business down, buying a used forklift can be a good deal financially. But you'll want to take a close look at the machine before investing your money to make sure that it will perform and meet your needs. Getting the equipment at a cheaper cost doesn't mean that you need to sacrifice either dependability or durability. Perform a careful inspection.

3 November 2016