heavy construction equipment to make renovations possible

Renovating a three story house proved to be more work than I originally thought it would be. Adding two bathrooms to the upper levels with beautiful garden tubs seemed like a great idea on paper, but when it came down to getting the tubs up to where they needed to go, we ran into several problems. The contractor suggested that we consider renting a crane to get some of the heavy stuff lifted to the upper levels - that was a brilliant idea. If you are considering a project such as this, read through my blog to find out how heavy construction equipment can make the impossible possible.

What Goes Into the Cost of Construction Equipment Rentals?


Whether you are a construction professional or someone who is tackling a job at home, you might have an interest in renting construction equipment. If so, then you might be wondering how much it will cost to rent the equipment that you need. Of course, the cost of renting construction equipment can vary significantly. If you want to really know how much it will cost to rent construction equipment, then it's not a bad idea to go ahead and contact your local equipment rental company, since they should be able to provide you with more accurate and precise information. These are some of the things that do often impact the cost of construction equipment rentals, however, so keeping this information in mind can give you a better idea of what you will be expected to pay.

The Type of Equipment You're Renting

Of course, the type of equipment that you are going to be renting will impact your rental rates. If you rent cheaper, lower-end, smaller equipment, then your rental rates will probably be on the lower side. If you are planning on renting a large overhead crane or some other type of large and costly equipment, on the other hand, your rental rates might be higher. You can always talk to someone from a construction equipment rental service about the different types of rental equipment that they might have that might work well for your job and the rental cost of each type of equipment. Then, ideally, you can choose rental equipment that will work well for the job at hand but that will fit your budget.

How Long You're Renting the Equipment For

How long you will be renting the equipment for will obviously also impact rental prices. If you only need to rent a piece of equipment for a few hours, for example, your rental costs will probably be cheaper than if you rent it for a few days. However, you should know that many equipment rental companies offer lower per-day rates if you are going to rent by the week or month, so if you need to rent the equipment for an extended period of time, this can save you money.

Which Additional Services You Need

In some cases, those who rent construction equipment need additional services. If you need to have the equipment delivered and then picked up from where you will be working or if you need to hire an equipment operator through the rental company, for example, you will probably be required to pay for these services.


23 March 2021