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Renovating a three story house proved to be more work than I originally thought it would be. Adding two bathrooms to the upper levels with beautiful garden tubs seemed like a great idea on paper, but when it came down to getting the tubs up to where they needed to go, we ran into several problems. The contractor suggested that we consider renting a crane to get some of the heavy stuff lifted to the upper levels - that was a brilliant idea. If you are considering a project such as this, read through my blog to find out how heavy construction equipment can make the impossible possible.

A Guide To Using Aerial Lift Rentals For Window Cleaning


Window cleaning is a crucial part of building maintenance, and it requires specialized equipment to ensure the job is done correctly. Aerial lift rentals have become an essential tool for many window cleaners. They are flexible and adjustable, making them the go-to tool for cleaning windows safely and efficiently. Here's what you need to know. 

Are There Different Types of Aerial Lift Rentals? 

Aerial lifts come in many different shapes and sizes. Depending on the job, window cleaners may need to use a specific type of aerial lift. Some of the most popular types include boom lifts, scissor lifts, and articulated boom lifts.

  • Boom lift. This lift consists of an extendable arm and platform that extends to reach the top floors of most homes.
  • Scissor lifts. Similar to boom lifts in reach, scissors lifts got their name from the crisscrossing metal plates that form and support the platform.
  • Articulated boom lifts. Articulated boom lifts are more specialized than other types of aerial lifts. They have an articulated arm that allows window cleaners to move around obstacles and easily reach difficult places.

Where Can Window Cleaners Use Aerial Lift Rentals?

Aerial lifts are useful to window cleaners on many job sites, including:

  • Residential. While most residential window cleaning is ladder work, steep slopes, and walkout lower levels make some homes incredibly challenging. Using an aerial lift is one way to keep everyone safe.
  • Midrise. A midrise building, typically only a few stories tall, is tough to clean with ladders. However, a lift can get the job done in no time. Another benefit to aerial lifts is that some models are narrow enough to take indoors to clean interior atrium glass.

It is important to note that aerial lifts are heavy. Window cleaners need to be conscious of where they place the stabilizing feet to avoid inadvertently damaging the landscaping. If the ground is soft, place sheets of plywood under the feet to spread out the weight and mitigate any damage.

Insurance Needs

Window cleaners should have the appropriate insurance coverage before renting aerial lifts. The coverage should protect the operator, building owner, and lift rental company. Talk to your insurance agent to determine if you need to update your policy before renting an aerial lift.

Experienced window cleaners know aerial lift rentals have become an essential tool for their business. Lifts reduce the risks associated with window cleaning by providing a safe and efficient way to reach hard-to-access areas. As a window cleaner, safety is a top priority, and using aerial lifts is one way to ensure the job is done correctly.

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22 June 2023