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Renovating a three story house proved to be more work than I originally thought it would be. Adding two bathrooms to the upper levels with beautiful garden tubs seemed like a great idea on paper, but when it came down to getting the tubs up to where they needed to go, we ran into several problems. The contractor suggested that we consider renting a crane to get some of the heavy stuff lifted to the upper levels - that was a brilliant idea. If you are considering a project such as this, read through my blog to find out how heavy construction equipment can make the impossible possible.

3 Choices Of Air Compressors To Consider To Meet Your Work Needs


When it comes to air compressors, there are many different choices of machines to choose from. Just because a compressor is right for one business does not mean that it is the one you need. Compressors can be electric or gas machines, as well as fixed or mobile solutions. Here are some of the choices that you may want to consider for the air compressor that is right for your business:

1. Deciding If You Need A Mobile Or A Fixed Compressor For Your Business

One major decision you will need to make when looking for an air compressor is whether to get a mobile or a fixed machine. If you want to be able to take your compressor to jobsites and projects a mobile solution can be good. This can be gas powered compressors that you can haul with a trailer or smaller gas and electric equipment that you can easily load into the back of a pickup with other tools. The fixed compressors are best for workshops, where the compressor does not need to be moved from one location to another.

2. Choosing Between Gas And Electric Compressors

The type of compressor you get can use a gas or an electric motor. For fixed solutions like an auto shop, an electrical compressor that is hard-wired may be ideal. If you need a mobile solution, you may want to have a gasoline or diesel compressor for when you do not have access to power. Diesel compressors can also offer more power for some industrial applications and heavy machinery, which can be stationary or mobile designs.

3. Deciding On The Air Capacity You Need For Tools And Equipment

You will also want to consider the air capacity of your air compressor. For example, a team of mechanics will need to have a lot of air to operate tools, while a single contractor may only need to have a small amount of air to operate a couple of tools. You may need more capacity for larger equipment, which may also require a compressor that can provide more pressure for some tasks.

These are some of the choices you may want to consider when looking for the air compressor that is right for your business. If you are ready to add a compressor to handle your workload, contact an air compressor vendor, such as Compressed Air Systems to discuss the needs of your business.


5 February 2016